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OPEN CALL| Light and Sound in Arts and Culture | Regional workshop on technical production in Pogon, Zagreb

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Are you working in the field of independent art or culture? Are you from Southeast Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia)? Do you want to build or improve your technical skill set for light or sound production?  

Are you working in the field of independent art or culture? Are you from Southeast Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia)? Do you want to build or improve your technical skill set for light or sound production?  

We invite you to apply for the Regional workshop on technical production “Light and Sound in Arts and Culture” which will take place in Pogon – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth in Zagreb, Croatia from 26th to 30th of September 2023. 

The workshop program is intended for individuals interested in the field of technical implementation (light and sound) of events. Through the workshops, the aim is to provide knowledge about the technical production of sound or  light for all of the participants.

Participants can apply for only one of the workshops: Sound workshop or Light workshop. Both workshops will take place in Pogon at the same time and participants will be divided into two groups, based on their application information.

The daily programme will give participants a short theoretical framework and is strongly focussing on practical exercises “hands on” experience. 

Besides it will also provide an insight into independent cultural spaces in Zagreb through a visit to another cultural performance space.   

At the end of the workshops, participants will receive a confirmation of participation and acquired knowledge.

The Regional workshop on technical production is a tuition free program with covered travel, food and accommodation costs, but the number of the program participants is limited.




The goal of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the basics of sound work and to give practical knowledge with which they will be able to do basic types of work themselves, and potentially more. Through the theoretical lecture and the practical part, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of sounding instruments, mixing, connecting equipment, sound theory, etc.


Filip Pacak, teacher/mentor


Filip has been in the music business as an audio technician for 10+ years now, starting off in studio recordings and mixing, and ending up in live sound. After his BA in audio production (SAE Institute) he started working in a famed Croatian venue called Močvara, where he had the opportunity to work with huge names in the business, leading him to jobs all over Croatia for various bands, festivals and shows. He also had the opportunity to tour all over Europe with several bands, giving him the chance to familiarize himself with different loudness laws and audio installments. Throughout his learning process at festivals and shows he managed to develop skills in light setups,  programming, as well as rigging. Within these years he has worked on more than 800 concerts and set up 100+ stages, exhibitions, installations and theater plays. He has collected various experiences and has been conducting numerous workshops focusing on audio setup and design. He has as well been a mentor and teacher within Pogon’s educational programme “Pogon Incubator”, tailored upon the needs of the independent cultural scene.   




The goal of the workshop is for the participants to acquire the basic theoretical concepts of light design, so that with the acquired knowledge they can more easily navigate the practical part of the workshop related to lighting installation and light design. The workshop is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of stage light design. Through lectures and practical work, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to install, program and manage lighting. 


Andrija Santro, teacher/mentor


Andrija is not your regular „can you give me more of the front light“ kind of guy. He – is an artist. One of the most booked freelancers on the Croatian music scene for the last 5 years. Illuminating concerts, festivals, theatre shows, performing arts, and exhibitions since 2010. But his absolute specialty is clubbing with heavy references like Dimensions Festival, Momento Demento, Terraneo, Seasplash Festival, Goulash Disko, Freemental, and many more. 

He graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb in 2008., the same year he got involved in AKC Medika, an ex-squat that gave him a strong DIY ethic and an incredible sense for problem-solving in impossible conditions. The fact that he is also a musician who performed with Bamwise, I-tal Jam, Pridjevi, and Digitron Soundsystem, gives him a great feel for the music. A virtue that strictly techies usually lack. Apart from that Andrija is sharing his knowledge and has conducted several workshops in different educational programmes as well as within Pogon’s Incubator programme for capacity building for young people and young technicians within the field of independent culture. 




25 / 06 / 2023




Arrival: 26 / 09 / 2023


Working days   27 – 29 / 09 / 2023 approx. from 9.30 to 18.00 h (final program will be sent ahead of time)


Departure: 30/ 09 / 2023




Pogon – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth


Trnjanska struga 34, Zagreb





To apply to the Regional workshop on technical production, please fill out this Google Form until 25 / 06 / 2023.

If you have any questions regarding this open call and the workshop, please contact [email protected].

Applicants will be notified about the selection results by the 7th of July.



By applying to the Regional workshop on technical production, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

~ available for the introductory Zoom meeting with the organization team after the selection process;

~ commit to participate full-time in the program of the Regional workshop on technical production  (see dates in the timeline paragraph — chapter bellow);

~ signed guarantee that no other pre-existing commitments will interrupt or prevent full-time participation in the Regional workshop on technical production;

~ working language is English;




Open call   23 / 05 / 2023 — 25 / 06 / 2023


Selection of participants    26 / 06 / 2023 — 7 / 07 / 2023


Introductory Zoom meeting with participants (to be defined in communication with the participants)  08 / 2023


Light and Sound in Arts and Culture, Regional workshop on technical production in Pogon, Zagreb 26 — 30/ 09 / 2023




⟶ Operation City


Operation City was established with the goal of fostering independent culture and youth by organizing cultural programmes and manifestations, public debates, educational and research programmes and publishing. The alliance gathers organizations and individuals, artists, cultural workers, activists, experts etc. and it currently has 27 members. In 2008 Operation City, jointly with the City of Zagreb, established Pogon – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, on the principles of civil-public partnership, and Pogon became the first institution in Croatia and the Region that was established based on a participative governance model. The work of Operation City is aimed at finding sustainable and innovative models of governing of the public infrastructure by actively involving different stakeholders and by collaborative processes of creating and implementing said models.


Pogon is the home of independent culture on the northern coast of the Sava in Zagreb, which provides its premises and technical equipment to associations, art organizations and informal groups free of charge. Every year we help to implement over one hundred different events in all spheres of culture and art (exhibitions, theater and dance performances, new circus performances, concerts, lectures, public forums, workshops and seminars, the list is not exhaustive ) and host 150 workshops and seminars, which is no small feat. Rehearsals, productions, art residencies, meetings; there are so many of these we can’t even count them.

About 8,000 people of all generations pass through Pogon yearly. Thanks to the support we provide to our users, their programs are affordable for visitors and free of charge whenever possible. In cooperation with our users, we also carry out activities aimed at audience development. And since we do not want to be at home all the time, we are also involved in various projects of international cultural cooperation that contribute to a stronger connection between domestic and foreign artists.

If you have an idea or a program in the field of contemporary art or some youth activity, you can feel at home in Pogon. In addition to the multifunctional space, you will also have access to various Pogon’s resources to help you implement your idea/programme or activity.

⟶ Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture


Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture is a non-governmental, non-party, and non-profit association of legal entities, that is, a regional network of organizations and national networks working in the field of independent culture and contemporary art in Southeast Europe (SEE). Jointly founded by 21 independent cultural organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, the platform currently has 40 active members, active in all areas of contemporary cultural and artistic practices. Kooperativa provides mechanisms of peer-to-peer support, knowledge production and exchange, collective actions and program cooperation, and is committed to improving working conditions within the civil sector in contemporary arts and culture.


“Light and Sound in Arts and Culture, Regional workshop on technical production in Pogon, Zagreb” is part of the project “Regional Lab: New Culture Spaces and Networks as drivers of an Innovative and Sustainable Bottom-up Development of Regional Collaboration”, co-funded by the European Union, as part of the open call for proposals EACEA 39/2019 Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans “Strengthening cultural cooperation with and competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in the Western Balkans”. The Call for Proposals is entirely funded by the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II). The project is conducted by the consortium consisting of several partners from six SEE countries led by Kooperativa – Regionalna platforma za kulturu, and project partners Anibar from Kosovo, Društvo Asociacija from Slovenia, Asocijacija NKSS from Serbia, Јадро Асоцијација / Jadro Association  from North Macedonia, Operacija grad from Croatia, and OKC Abrašević from BiH.

Otvoreni poziv

Light and Sound in Arts and Culture 

Regionalna radionica o tehničkoj produkciji u Pogonu


Radite li u području nezavisne umjetnosti ili kulture? Dolazite li s područja Jugoistočne Europe (Bosna i Hercegovina, Crna Gora, Hrvatska, Kosovo, Sjeverna Makedonija, Srbija, Slovenija)? Želite li izgraditi ili unaprijediti svoje tehničke vještine u području svjetla ili zvučne produkcije?


Pozivamo vas da se prijavite na Regionalnu radionicu o tehničkoj produkciji “Light and Sound in Arts and Culture”, koja će se održati u Pogonu – Centru za nezavisnu kulturu i mlade u Zagrebu od 26. do 30. rujna 2023.


Program radionice namijenjen je pojedincima zainteresiranima za područje tehničke implementacije (svjetlo i zvuk) događaja. Kroz radionice cilj je pružiti znanje o tehničkoj produkciji zvuka ili svjetla svim sudionicima. Prethodno iskustvo nije potrebno.


Sudionici se mogu prijaviti samo za jednu od radionica: radionicu zvuka ili radionicu svjetla. Obje radionice održat će se istovremeno u Pogonu, a sudionici će biti podijeljeni u dvije grupe na temelju informacija iz prijave.


Dnevni program sudionicima će pružiti kratki teorijski okvir te se snažno usredotočiti na praktične vježbe i “hands on” iskustvo. Također će pružiti uvid u nezavisne kulturne prostore u Zagrebu kroz posjet drugom kulturnom prostoru. Na kraju radionica, sudionici će dobiti potvrdu o sudjelovanju i stečenom znanju.


Regionalna radionica o tehničkoj produkciji besplatni je program koji pokriva putne, prehrambene i smještajne troškove, ali je broj sudionika programa ograničen.




Cilj radionice je upoznavanje sudionika s osnovama rada sa zvukom i pružanje praktičnog znanja s kojim će moći samostalno obavljati osnovne vrste poslova, a možda i više. Kroz teorijsko predavanje i praktični dio, sudionici će imati priliku naučiti osnove zvučnih instrumenata, miješanja, spajanja opreme, teorije zvuka, itd.


Filip Pacak, učitelj/mentor


Filip je već više od 10 godina u glazbenom poslu kao tonski tehničar, počevši od snimanja i miješanja u studiju, do live zvuka. Nakon završetka studija audio produkcije (SAE institut), počeo je raditi u klubu Močvara, gdje je imao priliku raditi s velikim imenima u industriji, što ga je odvelo na poslove diljem Hrvatske s raznim bendovima, festivalima i predstavama. Također je imao priliku ići na turneje diljem Europe s nekoliko bendova, što mu je omogućilo upoznavanje različitih principa glasnoće i audio postavki. Tijekom učenja na festivalima i predstavama, uspio je razviti vještine u postavljanju svjetala, programiranju i pripremi pozornice. Tijekom tih godina radio je na više od 800 koncerata i postavio više od 100 pozornica, izložbi, instalacija i kazališnih predstava. Skupio je razna iskustva i održao brojne radionice usmjerene na postavljanje i dizajn zvuka. Također je bio mentor i učitelj unutar Pogonovog edukacijskog programa “Pogonov Inkubator”, prilagođenog potrebama nezavisne kulturne scene.




Cilj radionice je da sudionici steknu osnovne teorijske koncepte dizajna svjetla, kako bi s tim stečenim znanjem lakše savladali praktični dio radionice vezan uz postavljanje svjetla i dizajn svjetla. Radionica je namijenjena svima koji žele naučiti osnove dizajna svjetla na pozornici. Kroz predavanja i praktičan rad, sudionici će imati priliku naučiti kako postavljati, programirati i upravljati osvjetljenjem.


Andrija Santro, učitelj/mentor


Andrija je umjetnik i jedan od najtraženijih freelancera na hrvatskoj glazbenoj sceni posljednjih 5 godina. Radi svjetlo za koncerte, festivale, kazališne predstave, izvedbene umjetnosti i izložbe od 2010. Ali njegova apsolutna specijalnost je clubbing s referencama poput Dimensions Festivala, Momento Demento, Terranea, Seasplash Festivala, Goulash Disko, Freemental i mnogih drugih. Diplomirao je na Školi primijenjenih umjetnosti i dizajna u Zagrebu 2008. godine, iste godine uključio se u AKC Mediku, bivši squat koji mu je dao snažnu DIY etiku i nevjerojatan osjećaj za rješavanje problema u nemogućim uvjetima. Činjenica da je i glazbenik koji je nastupao s Bamwiseom, I-tal Jamom, Pridjevima i Digitron Soundsystemom daje mu odličan osjećaj za glazbu. Osim toga, Andrija kontinuirano dijeli svoje znanje i održao je nekoliko radionica u različitim obrazovnim programima, kao i unutar programa “Pogonov Inkubator” za izgradnju kapaciteta mladih ljudi i tehničara u području nezavisne kulture.




  1. / 06. / 2023.




Dolazak: 26. / 09. / 2023.


Radni dani: 27 – 29 / 09 / 2023 U okvirnom terminu od 9:30 do 18:00 sati (konačan program bit će poslan unaprijed)

Odlazak: 30. / 09. / 2023.




Pogon – Zagrebački centar za nezavisnu kulturu i mlade, 


Trnjanska struga 34, Zagreb






Za prijavu na Regionalnu radionicu tehničke produkcije, ispunite ovaj Google obrazac do 25. 06. 2023.


Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanja u vezi ovog otvorenog poziva i radionice, obratite se na [email protected].


Prijavljeni će biti obaviješteni o rezultatima odabira do 7. srpnja.




Prijavom na Regionalnu radionicu tehničke produkcije, pristajete na sljedeće uvjete:

~ dostupnost za uvodni Zoom sastanak s organizacijskim timom nakon postupka odabira;

~ cjelovito sudjelovanje u svim terminima programa Regionalne radionice tehničke produkcije;

~ potpisana garancija da druge prethodne obveze neće ometati ili spriječiti puno sudjelovanje u Regionalnoj radionici tehničke produkcije;

~ radni jezik je engleski;




Otvoreni poziv: 23. / 05. / 2023. — 25. / 06. / 2023. 


Odabir sudionika: 26. / 06. / 2023. — 7. / 07. / 2023.


Uvodni Zoom sastanak sa sudionicima (definirat će se u komunikaciji sa sudionicima): 08. / 2023.


Radionica “Svjetlo i zvuk u umjetnosti i kulturi”, Regionalna radionica tehničke produkcije u Pogonu, Zagreb: 26. — 30./ 09. / 2023.




⟶ Operacija grad


Operacija grad je osnovana s ciljem promicanja nezavisne kulture i mladih organiziranjem kulturnih programa i manifestacija, javnih rasprava, obrazovnih i istraživačkih programa te izdavaštva. Savez okuplja organizacije i pojedince, umjetnike, kulturne radnike, aktiviste, stručnjake itd., a trenutno ima 27 članova. Godine 2008., je zajedno s Gradom Zagrebom osnovala Pogon – Zagrebački centar za nezavisnu kulturu i mlade, na načelima civilno-javnog partnerstva, te je Pogon postao prva institucija u Hrvatskoj i regiji koja je osnovana na temelju modela participativnog upravljanja. Rad Operacije grad usmjeren je na pronalaženje održivih i inovativnih modela upravljanja javnom infrastrukturom aktivnim uključivanjem različitih dionika i suradničkim procesima stvaranja i provedbe tih modela.


⟶ Pogon – Zagrebački centar za nezavisnu kulturu i mlade


Pogon je dom nezavisne kulture na sjevernoj obali Save u Zagrebu, koji besplatno pruža svoje prostorije i tehničku opremu udrugama, umjetničkim organizacijama i neformalnim grupama. Svake godine pomaže u provedbi preko stotinu različitih događaja u svim sferama kulture i umjetnosti (izložbe, kazališne i plesne predstave, nastupi novog cirkusa, koncerti, predavanja, javni forumi, radionice i seminari, popis nije iscrpan) te organizira 150 radionica i seminara, što nije nimalo lagan zadatak. Probe, produkcije, umjetničke rezidencije, sastanci; njih je toliko da ih ni ne pokušavaju brojati.


Svake godine kroz Pogon prođe oko 8.000 ljudi svih generacija. Zahvaljujući podršci koju pruža svojim korisnicima, programi su pristupačni posjetiteljima i besplatni kad god je to moguće. U suradnji s korisnicima, provode i aktivnosti usmjerene na razvoj publike. I budući da ne žele stalno biti doma, također sudjeluju u raznim projektima međunarodne kulturne suradnje koji doprinose jačoj vezi između domaćih i stranih umjetnika.


Ako imate ideju ili program u području suvremene umjetnosti ili neke aktivnosti za mlade, u Pogonu ćete se osjećati kao doma. Osim multifunkcionalnom prostoru, imat ćete pristup raznim resursima Pogona koji će vam pomoći u provedbi vaše ideje, programa ili aktivnosti.


⟶ Kooperativa – Regionalna platforma za kulturu


Kooperativa – Regionalna platforma za kulturu je nevladina, nepolitička i neprofitna udruga pravnih subjekata, odnosno regionalna mreža organizacija i nacionalnih mreža koje djeluju u području nezavisne kulture i suvremene umjetnosti u jugoistočnoj Europi (JIE). Osnovana je zajedno s 21 nezavisnom kulturnom organizacijom iz Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore, Hrvatske, Kosova, Sjeverne Makedonije, Srbije i Slovenije, a platforma trenutno ima 40 aktivnih članova koji djeluju u svim područjima suvremenih kulturnih i umjetničkih praksi. Kooperativa pruža mehanizme podrške međusobnoj podršci, proizvodnji i razmjeni znanja, kolektivnim akcijama i programskoj suradnji, te se zalaže za poboljšanje uvjeta rada u civilnom sektoru u suvremenoj umjetnosti i kulturi.


“Light and Sound in Arts and Culture, Regionalna radionica tehničke produkcije u Pogonu, Zagreb” dio je projekta “Regional Lab: Novi prostori i mreže kulture kao pokretači inovativnog i održivog bottom-up razvoja regionalne suradnje”, sufinanciranog od strane Europske unije, kao dio otvorenog poziva za prijedloge EACEA 39/2019 Kulturni projekti suradnje na Zapadnom Balkanu “Jačanje kulturne suradnje i konkurentnosti kulturnih i kreativnih industrija na Zapadnom Balkanu”. Poziv za prijedloge u potpunosti je financiran iz Instrumenta pretpristupne pomoći (IPA II). Projekt se provodi u suradnji s konzorcijem koji čine partneri iz šest zemalja JIE, a vodi ga Kooperativa – Regionalna platforma za kulturu, dok su partnerske organizacije Anibar s Kosova, Društvo Asociacija iz Slovenije, Asocijacija NKSS iz Srbije, Јадро Асоцијација / Jadro Association iz Sjeverne Makedonije, Operacija grad iz Hrvatske te OKC Abrašević iz Bosne i Hercegovine.


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