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REG.LAB – Meet the Partners

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Coordinated by the Kooperativa platform, the “Regional Lab: New Culture Spaces and Networks as drivers of an Innovative and Sustainable Bottom-up Development of Regional Collaboration” project brings together networks and cultural centres from six countries of the ex-Yugoslav region:

  • Anibar (Kosovo)
  • Društvo Asociacija (Slovenia)
  • Jadro Association (North Macedonia)
  • Operacija grad (Croatia)
  • Asocijacija NKSS (Serbia)
  • OKC Abrašević (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Drawing on the innovative practices developed on the independent cultural scenes, our aim is to offer a framework and infrastructure for exchanging, strengthening and advocating new, democratic and participatory models of governance, as well as for region-wide activity and mutual support of independent cultural actors.


  • Ivor Glavaš
  • Marija Rodić
  • Marko Pejović
  • Luka Knežević-Strika


  • Petra Milički


  • Photo/video team KC Magacin

The content of this video series is the responsibility of the implementing members and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

The Regional Lab: New Culture Spaces and Networks as drivers of an Innovative and Sustainable Bottom-up Development of Regional Collaboration is a project funded by Creative Europe: Sub-programme – Western Balkans Cooperation projects – 2020.

In this video, we’re introducing Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture as the coordinator of the REG.LAB project, presented by Tihana Pupovac, the coordinator of the platform. ↓

OKC Abrašević originated from a need for an active and safe space which would offer citizens, and especially youth, the possibility for work and creative expression, cultural education, broad-minded social discussion, analysis and critque of contemporary BH and globalized society. Abrašević grew (up) from the struggle of Mostar youth for a roof overhead, for a house whose foundation would be creative and intellectual freedom, egalitarianism, difference, social responsibility and solidarity. More about the project and OKC Abrašević find out from Ronald Panza! ↓

Operation City (former: Alliance Operation City; Alliance for the center for independent culture and youth – SZC) was founded with the purpose of supporting the development of the independent culture and self-organized activities of the youth. Organization realizes its goals by gathering organizations and individuals and organizing various cultural activities from manifestations and public discussions, through educational and research programs to publishing. To present the Operation City, we have invited Valentina Nedeljko. ↓

Get to know Anibar, an organization of passionate activists that encourages young people to express their ideas and worldview through animation and to discuss important social subjects pertinent to the youth of Kosovo. To talk about Anibar, we’ve invited Vullnet Sanaja, Anibar’s director and Kooperativa’s board member. ↓

Asocijacija NKSS (Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia) is a joint platform of organisations, initiatives and individuals in the fields of culture and arts in Serbia. By implementation and exchange of programmes in Serbia and abroad, by activities that build capacities of the Association as well as its members, and by dialogue with decision makers at all levels, the Association aspires to promote the development of innovative and critical art practices, impact cultural policy and other related public policies, contribute to decentralisation of culture in Serbia and establish regional cooperation in Southeast Europe. In this video, Aleksandar Popović speaks on behalf of NKSS. ↓

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